The Living Tarot Oracle

Mancos Opera House: November 6+7, 2010

The Concept: The Living Tarot Oracle is an unique opportunity to bring to life the actual archetypes of the ancient divinatory t ool, the Tarot. The twenty-two major arcana cards will be represented by twenty-two people who have prepared themselves to be a vessel, or channel, for a particular card.

We will offer our oracle to the public where people can actually talk with the archetypes that appear in their readings (more on that later).

We need 22 people to embody the archetypes as well as a crew of others for various supporting and fill in tasks.

Sound interesting?
Want to join us for some seriously sacred fun?
Julia Hesse and Tami Graham are looking for people to join them in producing this VERY UNIQUE Event.

Find out how YOU can get involved June 30, 6:00-8:00 pm
at the Turtle Lake Refuge 848 E. 3rd Ave. Durango, CO

There will be 2 additional gatherings to learn and practice embodying your card
through movement, sound, and visioning.

Second Meeting

Third Meeting

Interested? To find out more contact:

Julia at or 882-8855 or
Tami at or 759-9716

WARNING!! Engaging the energy of The Living Tarot could change your life!